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Two piece uniforms are legal for High School use

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Our collection of 2-Piece wrestling uniforms are meticulously designed to provide wrestlers with optimal comfort, flexibility, and performance. Our compression tops offer superior support and moisture-wicking properties, while our board shorts and compression shorts ensure freedom of movement and durability during intense matches. Trust Cliff Keen to provide the premium-quality 2-piece uniform gear you need to dominate the mat with confidence and style.

All About Comfort

Our two piece uniforms offer the best in flexibility, comfort, and performance - on a garment level. But, the real advantage these uniforms offer is the level of comfort a wrestler has with his overall appearance on the mat. This opens doors up alot of athletes who otherwise might not give the sport a chance!

Looks Great Blank or Decorated

No matter what option you go with, our gear can be customized with your program's graphics. We offer screen printing or sublimation on all our in-stock gear, but that's just the beginning. Our full-body custom sublimation makes your uniform shine from seam to seam.