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Even before putting it on, drirelease® instills a sense of comfort in knowing that its benefits are natural and inherent, using no chemical performance treatments.  The engineered blend of fibers optimizes the wicking, drying, soft feel and comfort of all fabrics, naturally.  

The unique drirelease® technology utilizes synthetic and natural fibers to accelerate the water release rate of fabrics, pushing water and perspiration through and to the outside of the garment into the air, faster than other performance fabrics on the market.

Moisture Wicking

Alldrireleasefabrics utilize hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers to pull moisture away from the skin – fast

Fast Drying

In test after test, drirelease fabrics reach one of the industry’s highest standards for dryness – up to four times faster than cotton.

Permanent Performance

With no chemicals or irritants to wash out over time, drirelease ensures eco-friendly, long-term fabric performance.

Superior Comfort

The fabrics’ soft, natural feel keeps wearers dry and comfortable – regulating body temperature by keeping skin up to 7°F cooler.

Premium Quality

Our wide array of fabrics and knits exhibit excellent hand, hold their shape, and are easy care. They resist pilling, wrinkling and static cling.

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  • The Signature
    Stock Wrestling Headgear
    Black The Signature Light Gold The Signature Dark Green The Signature Maroon The Signature Metallic Silver The Signature + 9
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