Protect Your investment

Your mats deserve to be taken care of and we;ve got all the products you need to do just that.

Wrestle With Confidence

Cliff Keen offers the highest quality wrestling accessories to meet every program's need. You and your wrestlers can train without worrying about hygiene, headgear fit, or mat stability. When you use our wrestling accessories, you'll see what a difference it makes to have only the best in your wrestling room.

Score Like a Pro

Our match scoring accessories are the pinnacle of wrestling equipment. Vibrant colors and fade-resistant materials make our bands easy to see from the scoring table. With flip discs, scoreboards, and more - we really do have everything you need to keep the perfect tally.

Freestyle or Folkstyle

Whether you prefer the fast-paced action of freestyle wrestling or the strategic intensity of folkstyle, Cliff Keen is here to support your journey in the sport.