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Cliff Keen headgear is the ultimate in protection and the foundation of wrestling gear

The Original Wrestling Outfitter

We've got everything you need to make sure your practices, duals, and tournaments go off without a hitch. From headgear to kneepads, we've got what you need to keep wrestlers at their best. Beyond that, we have bags and accessories to get them to the match. Check out our wrestling equipment and stock up on your integral wrestling supplies.

Built For Wrestlers

Our bags were designed and built to make wrestler's lives easier. From our waterproof shoe and sweaty gear compartments to their padded laptop sleeves - we've got you covered. And, of course, we made sure there's always a spot to hang your headgear.

Wrestling Accessories

Freestyle or Folkstyle

Whether you're involved in the fast-paced action of freestyle wrestling or the strategic intensity of folkstyle, Cliff Keen is here to support your journey in and with the sport.

  • The Fusion
    Stock Wrestling Headgear
    Black / Black The Fusion Black / Cardinal The Fusion Black / Light Gold The Fusion + 15
  • The Tornado
    Stock Wrestling Headgear
    Translucent / Scarlet / Black The Tornado Translucent / Black / Black The Tornado Translucent / Dark Green / Dark Green The Tornado + 21
  • The Racerback
    Stock Singlet
    Black The Racerback Navy Blue The Racerback Royal Blue The Racerback + 1
  • Gear For Greatness

    Whether training or competing, we've got the gear you need to succeed.

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